4L60E Master Rebuild Kit HD Torque Converter Transgo Shift Kit 4L65E 4L70E Automatic Transmission

OPT Product Code: OPT-4L60E-PKG
4L60E Master Rebuild Kit HD Torque Converter Transgo Shift Kit 4L65E 4L70E Automatic Transmission

4L60E Master Rebuild Kit HD Torque Converter Transgo Shift Kit 4L65E 4L70E Automatic Transmission

OPT Product Code: OPT-4L60E-PKG


Product Details

New master rebuild box kit for the 1993-up GM 4L60E 4L65E 4L70E 4L75E M30 automatic transmission.

This master rebuild kit includes:

A Transtec overhaul set with every rubber seal, gasket, o-ring, metal clad seals, and Teflon sealing rings that you'll need to complete your rebuild

  • All BorgWarner friction clutch plates
  • All Raybestos Steel plates
  • New fluid filter
  • High Energy 2-4 band
  • Bushings for the pump and case
  • Molded rubber pistons kit (1997-up)

Remember to soak all of your clutches in transmission fluid for thirty minutes before you install them.

HD torque converter

The torque converter that comes in this kit is balanced and pressure tested and has the heavy duty brazed turbine and Torrington bearings. This converter has a stock stall speed and will be fine for up to 500 hp

Transgo SK 4L60E Shift Kit

The Transgo shift kit included in this kit, corrects prevents, or reduces the following complaints.

  • Fixes Code 1870 trouble code
  • Light or Hard 1-2 shift
  • No lockup or 4th
  • Fixes harmonic bounce that wears out pump and valves
  • Reduces forward and low reverse clutch burnup
  • Reduces 1-2 bump shift
  • Reduces double bump shift
  • Reduces slide-bump shift

This shift kit has a newly designed isolator converter valve that works perfect in worn bores without special tools or machining. Along with fixing these common problems, you'll also see an increase in the life of your transmission due to the reduced slippage.

The 4L60E and its variants were in production from 1992-2013 and can be identified by the square 16 bolt oil pan and 4 forward gears.  1992-1993 are cross-over years, so your vehicle could have the earlier non-electronic transmission instead.  If unsure of your model, the 4L60E can be differentiated by looking at the wire plug going into the transmission.  The non-electric shift will have a square wire plug with 2-4 wires. The 4L60E will have a round plug with 11 wires.

The 4L60-E was found in the full range of General Motors vehicles including, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Isuzu, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and SAAB.

These transmissions can be found in the following vehicles; however you should double check your application with the 16 bolt pan count.  It is common for similar vehicles to have multiple transmission options available from the factory.

  • Astro Van 1993-2005
  • Avalanche 2002-2008
  • Blazer 1993-2005
  • Bravada 1993-2004
  • Brougham 1994-1997
  • Camaro 1994-2002
  • Canyon 2004-2012
  • Caprice 1994-1996
  • Colorado 1994-2012
  • Corvette 1994-2005
  • Envoy - XUV - Denali 2001-2010
  • Escalade, EXT, ESV 1999-2006
  • Firebird & Trans Am 1993-2002
  • GTO 2004-2006
  • Hummer H2 2003-2007
  • Hummer H3 2006-2011
  • Impala SS 1994-1996
  • Isuzu Ascender 2003-2009
  • Isuzu Hombre 1996-2000
  • Isuzu Pickup, I280, I350, I290, I370 2006-2009
  • Fleetwood 1994-1997
  • Rainier 2004-2007
  • Roadmaster 1994-1996
  • SAAB 9-7 2005-2009
  • Safari Van 1993-2005
  • Sierra Truck 1993-2013
  • Silverado Truck 1993-2013
  • SSR 2003-2007
  • Suburban 1993-2013
  • Tahoe 1993-2013
  • Trailblazer 2001-2009
  • GMC & Chevy Van 1994-2013
  • Yukon 1993-2013

These transmissions are part of the Turbo-Hydramatic series and also known as: 4L60E, 4L60-E, 4L65E, 4L65-E, 4L70E, 4L70-E, 4L75E, 4L75-E, M30, M32, M70

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Save me a ton of time and money on my rebuild. The guys at OPT recommended the corvette servo and separator plate. All works great, better than new. Thanks again.
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