A518 High Performance Rebuild Kit 46rh 46re Transmission Master Overhaul Banner Box Set

OPT Product Code: OPT-A518-RBHP
A518 High Performance Rebuild Kit 46rh 46re Transmission Master Overhaul Banner Box Set

Product Details

Stage 3 high performance automatic transmission rebuild kit for the A518, 46rh, 46re automatic transmission

Application specifics:

  • Transmission make: Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep
  • Transmission model: 46rh, 46re, A518, A-518
  • Year range: 1990-2003
  • Speeds: 4 speed automatic overdrive

This HP transmission master rebuild kit comes with the following rebuild parts:

  • Full Transtec overhaul gasket set
  • Raybestos Red HP clutches – Alto Red Eagle for the OD section
  • Alto Black Kolene steel plates
  • Kevlar Intermediate – kickdown band
  • Internal fluid filter
  • Pump bushing
  • Extension housing bushing

The Transtec gasket set included in this overhaul banner box kit is the highest quality available. The set includes every rubber seal, paper gasket, O-ring, sealing rings, and metal clad seals that you will need to complete your rebuild. The Transtec gasket sets are considered a premium kit, with higher quality gaskets and seals throughout.

Additionally, you can add the following upgrades to this HP banner box kit:

  • ATSG rebuild manual
  • Kevlar Low-Reverse band
  • Transgo Shift Kit, Superior shift correction kit, or Sonnax Zip kit
  • Transgo valve body separator plate - 1995-1997, you must know if you have a lockup boost tube
  • 3-4 accumulator spring
  • Valve body detent repair kit – Transgo TF-Detent
  • Billet accumulator piston – Sonnax 22841-01K
  • Intermediate – 2nd gear billet servo – Sonnax or Superior
  • Billet reverse servo – Sonnax or Superior
  • Reverse servo plug-pin
  • Full bushing set
  • Full thrust washer kit
  • Torrington bearing kit and OD thrust plate
  • Overrun roller clutch sprag
  • Overdrive clutch roller sprag assembly
  • Overdrive piston retainer – standard or HD Sonnax
  • Transgo overdrive return spring
  • Full electronics kit - dual pack solenoid (3-4 and lockup), HD BorgWarner governor pressure solenoid, Transducer, and output speed sensor
  • Billet Input Shaft and Hub HD 300M – TCS 129600-L, Sonnax 22121B-01, or Sonnax Smart-Tech 22121B-02K
  • Assembly Grease - Lubegard, Life Smart Blend, or Transjel
  • Platinum Lubegard - Insider tip: Many shops use this synthetic supplement in every freshly rebuilt transmission to keep them on the road past the warranty.

Remember to soak all of your clutches in transmission fluid for thirty minutes before you install them.

This master rebuild box kit fits the following vehicle applications:


  • D150, 5.9L, 1990-2003*
  • D250, 5.9L, 1990-2003*
  • D350, 5.9L, 1990-2003*
  • Dakota, 5.9L, 1998-2003
  • Durango, 5.9L, 1998-2003
  • Ram 1500, 5.9L, 1994-2003*
  • Ram 2500, 5.9L, 1994-2003*
  • Ram 3500, 5.9L 1994-2003*
  • Ramcharger, 5.9L 1990-2002*
  • W150, 5.9L, 1990-1993*
  • W250, 5.9L, 1990-1993*
  • W330, 5.9L, 1990-1993*


  • Grand Cherokee, 5.2L, 5.9L, 1993-1994 & 1998

*This rebuild kit will also fit 5.2L trucks and vans with the optional heavier duty 46rh-46re transmission.

This transmission master rebuild kit fits the following years: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003

A518 High Performance Rebuild Kit 46rh 46re Transmission Master Overhaul Banner Box Set

OPT Product Code: OPT-A518-RBHP

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