OPT 4L60E Stage 1 Valve Body Upgrade Package 4L65E 4L70E Transmission Shift Kit Servo Pistons Plate

OPT Product Code: OPT-4L60E-VB1

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OPT 4L60E Stage 1 Valve Body Upgrade Package 4L65E 4L70E Transmission Shift Kit Servo Pistons Plate

Product Details

The OPT valve body upgrade package takes the best parts available and groups them into one kit, for the best results possible.  The selected parts can all be installed with the transmission in the vehicle.  Included, are all the parts needed to complete the job, minus fluid.

This kit will fit 1993-2010 GM 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, non-hybrid units.

These kits are designed for prolonged life of your transmission with a boost in performance.  To us, these are not considered 'high performance,' but will definitely provide positive shifts and added line pressure to all gears.  This added line pressure will allow your transmission to withstand more aggressive driving, heavier towing, or just any general heavy duty uses.

The kit includes:

  • Transgo SK-4L60E shift kit
  • Transgo hardened separator plate
  • Corvette servo
  • Sonnax pinless 1-2 and Forward accumulator pistons
  • Separator plate gaskets
  • Filter kit with high quality Duraprene pan gasket
  • Instructions included

Additionally, you can add the following items:

  • Sonnax .470 or .490 boost valve for (1993-2005)
  • Superior K034 billet 4th gear servo
  • Sonnax 3-4 pinless accumulator piston

This servo works in all makes of this transmission. GM, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Hummer, Isuzu, Saab, including:

  • Astro Van 1993-2005
  • Avalanche 2002-2008
  • Blazer 1993-2005
  • Bravada 1993-2004
  • Brougham 1994-1997
  • Camaro 1994-2002
  • Canyon 2004-2010
  • Colorado 1994-2010
  • Corvette 1994-2005
  • Envoy - XUV - Denali 2001-2010
  • Firebird & Trans Am 1994-2002
  • Fleetwood 1994-1997
  • GTO 2004-2006
  • Hummer H2 2003-2007
  • Hummer H3 2006-2010
  • Impala SS 1994-1996
  • Isuzu Ascender 2003-2009
  • Isuzu Hombre 1996-2000
  • Isuzu Pickup, I280, I350, I290, I370 2006-2009
  • Rainier 2004-2007
  • Roadmaster 1994-1996
  • SAAB 9-7 2005-2009
  • Safari Van 1993-2005
  • Sierra Pickup 1993-2010
  • Silverado Pickup 1993-2010
  • SSR 2003-2007
  • Suburban 1993-2010
  • Tahoe 1993-2013
  • Trailblazer 2001-2009
  • GMC & Chevy Van 1993-2010
  • Yukon 1993-2010

These transmissions are part of the Turbo-Hydramatic series and are also known as: 4L60E, 4L60-E, 4L65E, 4L65-E, 4L70E, 4L70-E, 4L75E, 4L75-E, M30, M32, M70

This valve body shift correction kit fits the following years: 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

OPT 4L60E Stage 1 Valve Body Upgrade Package 4L65E 4L70E Transmission Shift Kit Servo Pistons Plate

OPT Product Code: OPT-4L60E-VB1

(5) 2 Reviews


Just what I needed
Steven S.
Verified Buyer
I had multiple problems with my transmission. The plate was completely shot. A checkball was stuck in it. Broken accumulator spring. This kit brought it back to life. Came with all the gaskets and filter, so worked out well during a service just to install it. Also, the shift kit came with instructions. Would recommend.
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Verified Buyer
I bought this package in January of 2017, and recently had it installed. I can definitely notice a difference. The mechanic said the ball bearing was sticking in one of the plates because it had worn a bigger hole in the plate. He said he could feel this when he drove it. He also said when he drove it after the work was done he could notice the difference. He was very pleased with the way it drives and so am I. I look forward to putting a few more miles on it. Even though I've only driven it a few times since the work has been done, I definitely can feel a difference. It seems more responsive and I feel the shifts when I couldn't really feel them before. It just seems more fun to drive. I'd recommend this package to a friend and I'd do it again myself. Very pleased with the product and the customer service from Oregon Performance Transmission.
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