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46re 47re 48re Solenoid Upgrade Kit Dual Pack Solenoids Governor Pressure Speed Sensor Electronics

OPT Product Code: OPT-A518-A618-EL

(4) 5 Reviews

46re 47re 48re Solenoid Upgrade Kit Dual Pack Solenoids Governor Pressure Speed Sensor Electronics

Product Details

Governor pressure solenoid and sensor upgrade kit

Covered models: Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep

Year range: 1996-2008

46re, 47re, 48re, A518, A618, A-518, A-618

This solenoid and sensor kit includes the following items:

  • Rostra dual pack solenoid – 3-4 and lockup
  • HD 50185 Borg Warner governor pressure solenoid
  • Rostra governor pressure sensor - transducer
  • Output speed sensor
  • Sonnax updated 3-4 accumulator spring
  • Governor pressure solenoid body gasket

It is very common for these transmissions to have electronic failures. This kit will restore your transmission electronic function to better than factory level. The heavy duty BorgWarner governor pressure solenoid included in this kit is a huge upgrade over OEM. The added 3-4 accumulator spring in this kit is also a major upgrade. These transmissions commonly had broken springs, which can cause 3-4 shift problems, or even transmission failure.

Additionally, you can add the following upgrades to this already amazing kit:

  • High quality fluid filter and Duraprene pan gasket
  • DNJ Components DCF1 billet governor pressure GM upgrade
  • HP Rostra governor pressure sensor – 50-1171 (2000-up)
  • ATSG rebuild manual
  • Lubegard Platinum synthetic additive

The solenoids and sensors contained within this kit can all be installed with the transmission in the vehicle during a routine fluid change

This upgrade package works in the following applications:

  • Ram Truck - 1500, 2500, 3500
  • Ram Van – 1500, 2500, 3500
  • Dakota and Durango with 5.9L
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee with 5.9L

46re 47re 48re Solenoid Upgrade Kit Dual Pack Solenoids Governor Pressure Speed Sensor Electronics

OPT Product Code: OPT-A518-A618-EL

(4) 5 Reviews


Now replacing my transmission
Verified Buyer
Can't say it was their parts but now after spending 160 dollars on these parts I'm spending 2600 dollars on a new transmission be careful what you do and make sure it's not too late before wasting money on these parts.
These parts are replacement items and will not cause failure of your transmission. We do send a warning/reminder with every kit we sell. Here is a copy of the letter. Thank you for your order. A few notes on our solenoids. These new solenoids are packed in fluid from the factory. This is the only way to ensure they are functioning upon installation, with no sticking valves. This fluid is normal. There always seems to be questions on this. We are just letting you know upon receipt. It should be noted that changing a solenoid on an already burned transmission will not fix the transmission. If this item does not fix your problem, it will not mean that this item is defective, but more likely you have a problem that needs a different solution. If your fluid is burned or your transmission is slipping, this solenoid will not fix the problem. A full rebuild will be needed and at that point, after the rebuild, this new solenoid should be installed. If your transmission is currently burned up and needs to be rebuilt, please stop at this point and do not install this item. If you have questions, please feel free to email us. Thank you, Oregon Performance Transmission
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Shifts good now
Andy Smith
Verified Buyer
Parts came fast. Have to drop the valve body to access the plug on the solenoid pack. Thank God for YouTube and some redneck in Texas that posted a video on what to do. College is obsolete, I can go to figure it the f out .com and be an expert in 10 min. Seriously though, good parts, fast service. Definitely coming back. Thank you
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Electric stuff plus manifold
Janine in Orlando
Verified Buyer
I purchased the full kit with the billet manifold added on. They were shipped within 24 hours and came very quickly, so I felt the service was excellent. Also received good response to several technical questions I asked. These parts were all the easy part of a trans repair. Had to pull the valve body to get to the governor solenoid and pressure sensor transducer. Symptoms were trans started in 3rd and went to 4th but never to 1st or second; also had DTC saying ‘low trans pressure/high voltage’. From Dodge forums I thought it was one of these. Sure enough the old pressure sensor would not hold pressure when I blew into it. These parts went in easy; but this was nonetheless a major job. Upon reassembly, no P or N on the gearshift and no start. Had to unplug the TTV, and adjust the shift cable, then it started. Doing it was easy; finding out what to do was hard. But the parts from OPT worked great. I should add that the electric wiring was left out of first shipment received Friday; I emailed first thing on Monday like at 0820 Oregon time. They overnighted the part at 0833 and replied to my email saying it was shipped, 13 minutes after my email. Received by 10 am Tues. Yes, I would order parts from OPT again without hesitation. Competitivepricing, quality parts, great service.
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Thank you
John Teal
Verified Buyer
Fixed my problem.
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Scott Hitchcock
Verified Buyer
My truck was not shifting over 3rd gear or over driver. I installed this kit it fixed my problem and trans is working like a charm.
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